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Dave and Alonso ponder why so much of the "Hunger Games" marketing is aspirational toward the villains, as well as other cinematic mysteries. Subscribe for free on iTunes, where we would love it if you would leave us a positive review, like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, buy a book, buy a shirt, every rose has its thorn.

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Dave and Alonso know it isn't Christmas yet, but they've already started playing holiday music on KOST in Los Angeles and Terrence Howard looks spiffy in a red scarf, so there you go. Like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, leave us a nice review on iTunes, you just walked right in, walked walked walked right in.

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Dave and Alonso wonder why parking (and cheese) is so expensive in Beverly Hills, and they hate inappropriately sappy Holocaust movies. All this and more on this week's episode. Like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, leave us a nice review on iTunes, things that you would not do at home come naturally on the floor.

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Dave and Alonso tackle aspirate h-es, magical homos and controversial authors in this week's installment. Like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, leave us a nice review (and subscribe for free) at iTunes, attention to me seemed to drift though I don't know where.

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Dave and Alonso discuss movies by, for and about Christians, which may or may not involve an "Oogieloves" reference. And Dave defends an aggressively unloved new movie. Subscribe (and review us) at iTunes, like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it, and that's what get results.

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Guest star Jack Morrissey of the Team Jack Podcast (and co-producer of "The Fifth Estate") drops in to give Dave and Alonso some full-on Hollywood insider action. Strap yourself in. Also, like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, review us (and subscribe for free) on iTunes, it leaps and creeps and glides and slides across the floor.

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Dave and Alonso connect the dots between Paul Greengrass and Kevin McCallister, among other big ideas. Like our Facebook page, visit, follow us @linoleumcast, review us (and subscribe for free on iTunes), paradise is exactly like where you are right now only much, much better.

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Dave and Alonso have their usual disagreements about theme songs but they both really love that outer-space movie. Visit, like our Facebook page, leave us a nice review (and subscribe!) at iTunes, the message is perfectly simple, the meaning is clear.

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Dave and Alonso go to Santa Monica for people-watching, meatballs and Stanley Kubrick. And Alonso made it home safely from Kosovo without having to wackily run through airports like Paula Patton. Subscribe (and review!) at iTunes, like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, oh no it's a killer blow.

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Dave and special guest William "Bibbs" Bibbiani of CraveOnline, The B-Movies Podcast, S.H.I.E.L.D.C.A.S.T. and Kings of Horror make the most of Alonso's defection to Kosovo with reviews of the latest films that are out now in theaters for you to see... in theaters. Travel to for more knifings, subscribe (and leave a review) on iTunes, like our official Facebook page, follow us on Twitter @LinoleumCast, and find Bibbs there too at @WilliamBibbiani. (P.S. Bibbs wrote this.)

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