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Independence Day: Resurgence, The Shallows, Swiss Army Man, The Neon Demon, Wiener-Dog; Make Me: Au Hasard Balthazar

In the introductory segment of "Make Me," Dave gets Alonso to watch AU HASARD BALTHAZAR, which ties in perfectly with the new Todd Solondz. Also, the great awfulness of the latest from NWR, the superhuman effort Judy Garland exerts to put one good number in IN THE GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME, and the dieting hijinks of REDUCING. Follow us @linoleumcast on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and leave us a nice iTunes review. Rock on with your bad self.

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Dave's DVD pick of the week: DARK HORSE

Alonso's DVD pick of the week: WHO ARE YOU, POLLY MAGGOO?

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