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Fifth Anniversary Special with Grae Drake; "Burnt," "Our Brand Is Crisis," "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse," "Love"

Mother Superior of the show Grae Drake joins Dave and Alonso to celebrate our fifth anniversary, along with some great memories sent in by listeners. Oh, and we talk about sous-vides too. Subscribe (and review us) on iTunes, like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and Instagram @linoleumcast, we sang the songs into the hairbrush and gave Donny and Marie the bum's rush.

Our SNOOPY COME HOME commentary track is now live; PayPal us $1.99 at linoleumpodcast [at] gmail [dot] com and include your e-mail address. The EXILE IN GUYVILLE audiobook is now available for preorder at

Linoleum Knife is brought to you by Reed Martin's indie film guide THE REEL TRUTH, available in paperback from or as an e-book from iTunes.

Dave's DVD pick of the week: DO I SOUND GAY?

Alonso's DVD pick of the week: EVERLASTING LOVE

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