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Welcome to Super Gay! In this episode, co-hosts Johnnie JungleGuts and Prof. Xtra discuss their favorite queer comics of 2018, including Aquicorn Cove, Assassinistas, The Brat, West Coast Avengers, Uncanny X-Men and Wonder Woman!  Witness the unbridled enthusiasm for the gay designs of comics artist Luciano Vecchio!  Hear the heartfelt gay love for My Hero Academia! And thrill to the queer call for a better future in comics fandom and beyond!  Produced by James Kelly.

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Dave and Alonso bounce back from a week of cold season with some more catching-up and one dog of a new release. Plus Alonso reports on the annual Los Angeles Film Critics Association awards dinner. Subscribe (and review us) on Apple Podcasts, follow us @linoleumcast on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, James Brown James Brown.

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Dave's DVD pick of the week: SKATE KITCHEN

Alonso's DVD pick of the week: LASSIE (2005)

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