Linoleum Knife

Vinny Lopez of the very funny web series Two Jasperjohns ( pops in to talk about the upcoming season, and Dave and Alonso discuss metaphorical zombies and boysenberry-flavored commitment ceremonies. Like us on Facebook, follow us @linoleumcast, subscribe (and review us!) at iTunes, commited a crime and went inside, it was coming your way and you had to survive.

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Dave and Alonso have thoughts about nausea and superheroes and the Kuleshov Effect. And, as ever, grape soda. Subscribe for free on iTunes, like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, stream on Stitcher, she loves to do the pony, she loves to do the jerk.

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Dave and Alonso both dislike the new Vince Vaughn-Owen Wilson movie...but find a way to argue about it anyway. Like us on Facebook, follow us @linoleumcast, subscribe on iTunes (and leave us a nice review), contact us at, the pumps don't work 'cause the vandals took the handles.

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Dave and Alonso travel into the future, behind the scenes of magic and into a environmentalist terrorism cult this week, but they'd much rather talk about rotisserie chicken. Like us on Facebook, follow us @linoleumcast, drop us a line at, subscribe (and review us) at iTunes, and all the stars that never were are parking cars and pumping gas.

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