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Dave and Alonso argue over their punk credentials but both agree that Hugh Jackman should enjoy a nice bowl of fettucine. Like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, subscribe for free and review us on iTunes, first I'm gonna take it, then I'm gonna shake it 'til it falls apart.

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B. Ruby Rich, editor of Film Quarterly, professor of film and media studies at UC Santa Cruz and author of the new collection "New Queer Cinema: The Director's Cut" classes up the joint with her presence and her insights. Dave and Alonso argue over whether or not the new movie from the "Drive" guys is art or merely arty. Like us on Facebook, follow us @linoleumcast, subscribe on iTunes, I bought a ticket to the world and now I've come back again.

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Dave and Alonso discuss hideous monsters that bring misery and destroy everything in their path. And in addition to "Grown Ups 2," there's "Pacific Rim." (Pacific rim-shot.) Like us on Facebook, follow us @linoleumcast, subscribe for free (and review us!) on iTunes, Hedora, Hedora, He-do-raaaa...

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Dave and Alonso take their show on the road -- well, across town, anyway, to the home of writer pals Robert Abele (a previous guest on the podcast) and Margy Rochlin. The homeowners chime in and kibitz while Dave complains about Viking movies that need to take a page from Tyler Perry and Alonso's glasses fog up because it's July. Subscribe on iTunes (and show us some positive-review love), like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, thanks for the yacht and for the solid-gold sink.

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Dave and Alonso salute the good and stupid this week, whether it's the smart-stupid of Melissa McCarthy's hilariously obnoxious characters, the exhilarating-stupid of Roland Emmerich's new "Die Hard" ripoff, or the sexy-stupid of a fizzy, naughty romp from Pedro Almodóvar. Because really, it's too hot outside for anything else. Like our Facebook page, follow us @linoleumcast, stream us on Stitcher, please tell us why you had to hide away for so long.

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